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Please note:  Certain conditions by special agreement between ELACP and the Customer.  Any special condition agreed by ELACP will be given in writing by ELACP on the confirmation of booking.



1.  The Provider is ELACP (English Language and Culture Programme)

2.  The Customer is the person who makes the booking.

3.  The Student is the person who participates as a learner on the Programme.

4.  The Centre is the venue where the Programme is being organised.


5.  For students under the age of 18 all bookings must be made by the parent/guardian or teacher.

6.  By completing the booking form the parent/guardian gives permission, or the teacher confirms that he has obtained the parent’s permission for the Student to participate in all activities provided on the Programme.

7.  The parent/guardian gives permission, or the teacher confirms that he has obtained the parent’s permission, for medication and hospital treatment to be given to a child under 18 wherever necessary.

8.  The customer agrees that the Student must follow the code of conduct and any instructions given by staff at the Centre.


9.  The Customer is responsible for paying the total price of the booking.

10. A deposit per Student must be paid on booking and the balance can be paid in instalments. A payment plan is available.

11. The final payment must be made at least 8 weeks before the date of commencement of the course.  

12. Any late payment can only be accepted at the discretion of the Provider.

13. All payments should be made by bank transfer or deposit into the bank account of the Provider.  Details will

be given on the confirmation of  booking.  When a payment is made, please send proof of each payment to the

Provider by email.


14. Full refunds can only be given if cancellation is made at least 10 weeks before commencement of the course,

except by special agreement of the Provider.  Any cancellation must be in writing and sent by email to the

Provider at booking@elacp.com.

15. An administration fee of 5% of the cost of the course per Student will be charged on cancellation no less than 10

weeks before start of the course. 

16. If cancellation is made 10 - 8 weeks before commencement of the course, then 10% per student will be charged. 

17. If cancellation is made  8 - 4 weeks before commencement then 20%  per student will be charged.

18. No refund can be given if cancellation is made less than 4 weeks before the start of the course.

19. Bookings can be transferred to another suitable person or date after discussion with ELACP.  Please notify us by email and no charge will be made. Change of booking is subject to availability.

20. If for any reason ELACP has to cancel a booking then another suitable place will be offered or all money will be refunded.

Transport to and from the Centre

21.  All transport to/from the Centre has to be organised and paid for by the Customer.  

Arrival/Departure from the Centre

22. All Students should arrive at the Centre by 12:00 on the start date of the trip and leave by 12.00am on the end date of

the trip, except with special permission from the Provider.

Students with health problems or special needs

23. The Customer is responsible to inform the Provider about provisions for any Student with a health problem or special


24. Any special provisions that need to be made for a Student should be notified by the Customer to the Provider at

least 4 weeks before the tripso that appropriate arrangements can be made, within reason.

25. The Customer must give the Provider full instructions about any medication or treatment that needs to be given

regularly to a Student while he/she is on the Programme.

Medical Emergencies

26. Minor injuries will be treated by first aid staff at the Centre.

27. Serious injuries will be referred immediately to a local healthcare professional, or a clinic or hospital.

28. Any payment required for medical treatment is the responsibility of the Customer.

29. The Customer must ensure that the Student has insurance cover for any necessary medical expenses while on the Programme. This can be arranged  by ELACP, if requested by the Customer.


30.  The Provider reserves the right to expel a Student for serious unacceptable behaviour, after discussion with the Customer.

31 If a Student is expelled it will be the responsibility of the Customer to pay for the Student’s safe return home.  This will be arranged after discussion between the Provider and the Customer.

32.  No refund will be given if a Student is expelled.

Safekeeping of Property

33. Each Student is responsible for the safekeeping of his/her personal belongings.

34. Students should use safety deposit boxes or lockers where provided.

35. Students under 16 can give money and valuables to a teacher for safekeeping.


36. Any disputes over any aspect of the Programme should be resolved by mutual agreement between the Customer

and the Provider.   Any decision will be given in writing.



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